Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Simon Fashion Now - Design Wars


SouthPark Hosts Fashion, Fido and Fun with the Humane Society of Charlotte on October 21

Kicking off Simon Fashion Now at SouthPark is Trends & Friends Night on October 21, an evening of fashion, entertainment, cocktails -- and a good cause. As a special presentation at 6:30p.m., Simon Fashion Now Design Wars features a design challenge among Charlotte’s emerging fashion designers, pairing them with media models and adoptable dogs from the Humane Society of Charlotte.

Four designers will face off with fashionable looks for their celebrity models and couture canines. For additional fashionable philanthropy, shoppers can participate in a silent auction benefiting the Humane Society of Charlotte, a community resource committed to improving the lives of companion animals. Local designers, media models, adoptable pups from the Humane Society of Charlotte Through individual style consultations, the designers created inspired ensembles for their celebrity partners and pooches to showcase on the Simon Fashion Now® stage. Media model and designer partners:

• MODEL T. Strong, The Style Mayvin with DESIGNER Amanda Wagner, Amanda Wagner Designs
• MODEL Dayvee Sutton, NewsChannel 36 with DESIGNER Tara Davis, Flow by Tara Davis
• MODEL Heather Waliga, News 14 with DESIGNER Emily Kramer and Amanda Gaskins, Anno Domini Designs
• MODEL Tenikka Smith, WSOC with DESIGNER Miikelle Fowler, MiikelleDeFo

The final reveal of the collaborative designs takes place at the exclusive Design Wars show during Simon Fashion Now at SouthPark. Critiquing the design competition are well-known fashion judges Susu Bear of ScoopCharlotte.com and Carolina Bride General Manager Amy Wiegand. Joey Hewell of Fox News Rising ups the fashion factor as stylish emcee. The Humane Society of Charlotte is a community resource committed to improving the lives of companion animals through adoption, spay/neuter and education. In 2010, they placed 2,030 dogs and cats in their new forever homes, an average of 39 per week. Their spay/neuter clinics (2 locations) performed 9,721 surgeries in 2010. They are committed to treating all animals that enter our shelter with love, kindness, and dignity.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sneak Peek at Crystal Gaulden for Anno Domini Designs!

Crystal Gaulden has been hand making jewelry since childhood. Featured in boutiques in Charlotte, NC, she captures attention with her use of natural gemstones, top quality sterling silver hand wiring, and bold color. Having acquired amazing gemstones and interesting styles from across the globe, she creates art after our own heart... so we brought her on board!

The collection we're offering is to complement the Peacock collection. Many pieces were created to match perfectly! We hope you enjoy!

Coming very soon!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Interview with Elevate Lifestyle Magazine for CFW

This is a copy of our interview as it appeared in Elevate Lifestyle Magazine in September for the Charlotte Fashion Week issue.  It can also be viewed on their website here: http://issuu.com/elevatelifestyle/docs/elevatelifestylesept

Anno Domini Designs - Emily Kramer and Amanda Gaskins

How did you get started?

Like all great road trips surprises are bound to happen. In 2008 our road trip to Chicago led to meeting a t-shirt designer whose interest was piqued by the intricate designs of our period pieces. At the time we were making and designing high end period garments for reenactments and renaissance festivals. That got us thinking that we could incorporate aspects of period fashion into modern clothing. From there the ideas flowed easily, and we had opportunities to show our few designs at several shows in Chicago, with positive feedback. Since we both live in the Carolinas, and believe there is a growing fashion audience in Charlotte, and it is our current focus to be a part of that here.

What is your fashion philosophy?

Walk softly upon the earth, but wear your best feathers.

How has your journey as a fashion designer progressed in the last few years?

The past few years have been filled with learning experiences for us. We’ve tried to involve ourselves with as much of the fashion industry and as many events as we can. We’ve learned what not to stress over and what kind of look we prefer. There’s so much we’ve learned about our ourselves and how we see our company evolving in the future.

What type of individual would wear your brand?

Our customer is the kind that takes the red carpet wherever she goes. She’s energetic, she’s fun, and she has a flair for the dramatic!

Tell us the story about your collection.

The Peacock Collection is about being undeniably recognizable, much like a peacock. We base all of our designs on the simple fact that drama is an essential part of what fashion is at it’s core.

Which piece from your collection represents your design abilities?

Each piece in our collection is part of a whole body of work that weaves the story of our design process into a collective piece of art. To say that one piece represents all our design abilities would be underestimating each piece, of which all display our skills and talent as designers.

What is the next step for you in the fashion industry?

To conquer the world.

How can we stay in contact with you?

We have several public outlets for our friends to connect with us. Our emails are
Amanda:  Amanda@annodominidesigns.com
Emily:  Emily@annodominidesigns.com
Our website, www.annodominidesigns.com
Our studio phone number is (803) 450-0015

What is your website address?


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Next Show: SouthPark Mall

When: October 21st 6:30pm
Where: South Park Mall, Charlotte, NC. Center Court
Who: Heather Waliga News 14 and Anno Domini team up for Design Wars - to benefit the Humane Society. We're dressing up an adoptable dog for the runway!